Christopher C. Ross – Indianapolis, IN

"I first started working with Rose Financial in 2000. I had sold retirement plans before, but they were never a big part of my book. Rose made selling and maintaining these plans easier. As a result I focused heavily on ERISA related business for several years.

Today retirement plans represent a substantial part of my production and the main source of referral business for me. I don't think I could have gotten to this level without their help."


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The IRS released findings from the Random Compliance Audit of 2010. Of the 1200 plans surveyed: 43% are Safe Harbor, 65% allow Participant Loans, and 54% require 1 YOS for eligibility.

According to TIAA-CREF Survey, One-Third of Americans have never increased their Retirement Plan Contribution Rate.

401(k) Record Retention Guidelines recommend that all plan data be maintained for 6 years.